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We at Stored Crop Conservation Ltd are very proud of the company, originally founded in 1971 by Harry Green

Some 40 years later, the company is still family-owned and run. Harry’s son, Nick Green, is now at the helm assisted by his son, Tom. Nick’s wife Geraldine and daughter-in-law Becky look after the vital day-to-day administration of the business.

Nick and Tom are ‘hands on’ in the business, operating the fogging machines on a daily basis throughout the varying seasons. James Toon and Daniel Lonslow are, like Nick and Tom, PA certificated operators; fully trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of spraying and fogging, including the new Sprout Suppressant regulations. All operators are BASIS and NRoSO registered. We now welcome Mark Handford to the team who is in training. Mark is a PA certificated operator and NRoSO registered. He is currently waiting to sit his BASIS exam.

Also helping to keep our ‘show on the road’ is Patrick Nix, of Fenland Mobile Services, who provides back-up support in the workshop. Patrick is an independent agricultural engineer who was the first in the industry to become fully qualified to test and service all fogging machines to the latest NSTS standards. Patrick is also training Mark on testing and servicing the machines.

Completing the team at Stored Crop Conservation Ltd is Nick’s father-in-law, Michael Otley, who keeps a close eye on the stores.

Because we are a family-run business we are able to provide a personal service to all our customers and we take great pride in helping them look after their crops, grain stores, poultry units and glasshouses.

As part of our commitment to ‘Best Practice’, Stored Crop Conservation Ltd is BASIS and Assured Land Based Contractor registered and a fully paid-up member of the NAAC  – so you can be rest assured we only work to the highest standards.

Because of our knowledge of the stored crop industry and treatment of stored potatoes, we have a long-standing history of working with the Potato Council on Sprout Suppressant and inverter trials. Nick is a member of the cross-industry Sprout Suppressant Stewardship Scheme and Chair of the NAAC Sprout Suppressant Applicators Group and this gives us a head start in ensuring the best way forward for both store managers and fogging contractors. We lead the way in suggesting changes that can be made to improve accountability and quality control – something we have always strived for within our business.

  • NQA Registered
  • NMC
  • Assured Land Base Contractor
  • Prop Patato

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