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Sprout Suppressant

Fogging Applications

Chlorpropham (Sprout Suppressant) is an agrochemical widely used as a sprout suppressant on stored potatoes. In the processing sector its use is almost universal as potatoes stored for this market need to be maintained at relatively warm temperatures (6-13oC) to sustain frying quality.

Like all agrochemicals, use of Sprout Suppressant is regulated and, since a review by the Advisory Committee on Pesticides in 2007, now subject to a stewardship process operated by the Potato Industry Sprout Suppressant Stewardship Group. Nick Green of Stored Crop Conservation Ltd is a founder member of the Stewardship Group.

As a member of the Stewardship Group, Nick was actively involved in helping produce the ‘Industry Code of Best Practice for Application of Chlorpropham Potato Sprout Supplement’ published by the Potato Council.

  • Application rates are strictly regulated and apply to the total amount of Sprout Suppressant applied rather than any specific products.
  • Total application for processing or peeling potatoes is 36g Sprout Suppressant/tonne/season
  • Total application for fresh potatoes is 24g Sprout Suppressant/tonne/season
  • The Maximum Residue Level for Sprout Suppressant is 10mg/kg
  • So you can see it is vitally important for store managers to have confidence in their fogging contractor – one who can help you protect your profits!

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