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Sprout Suppressant

Fogging – Bulk Stores

Improved method of fogging now in use

  • Conventional application of Sprout Suppressant to bulk stores can result in uneven distribution of the chemical. Some areas may receive little or no treatment, resulting in earlier re-growth and further applications.
  • Over a three-year period, in conjunction with the Potato Council, Stored Crop Conservation Ltd has been involved in commercial trials using a modified application system.
  • The system uses solvent-free solid Sprout Suppressant and a modified fogger. Application is by low-speed recirculation of Sprout Suppressant fog using ventilation fans at a slower speed than normal.
  • This improved system is now in use
  • Using the store’s ventilation system, Sprout Suppressant fog is re-circulated throughout the stored crop, giving a more even treatment than conventional methods.
  • Re-circulation continues during and after Sprout Suppressant application, until the fog has cleared.
  • ‘Improving the use of Sprout Suppressant in bulk stores’ is published by the Potato Council in collaboration with Stored Crop Conservation Ltd, University of Glasgow and Crop Systems Ltd.

Efficient and effective application of Sprout Suppressant will help you protect your profits!

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