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Stored Crop Conservation
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Welcome to Stored Crop Conservation Ltd

What’s more – we use:

  • Dedicated machinery to avoid cross-contamination
  • Machinery that is NSTS-certificated
  • Fully certificated operators
  • Quality control – full traceability to Assured Produce Standard (APS)

Stored Crop Conservation conserves your stored crop by:

  • Fogging potatoes with Sprout Suppressant to suppress sprouting
  • Fogging of insecticide/disinfectant to potato stores prior to harvest
  • Spraying of insecticide in grain stores prior to harvest
  • Fogging of insecticide/disinfectant to vacant poultry units
  • Fogging of insecticide/disinfectant to glasshouses prior to fresh planting
  • NQA Registered
  • NMC
  • Assured Land Base Contractor
  • Prop Patato

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